The big reads

Some of my blog posts are longer, more popular, or just more in-depth than others, so I’ve collected them here. Here are the best of the best, the big hitters, the ones you probably came here to read in the first place:

Tai Chi:

How to power your Tai Chi from the inside
How to put the juice into rollback and press

What is Qi?
When we talk about Qi (Chi) in martial arts, what do we mean?

Brothers in arms -Rickson Gracie and Tai Chi
A discussion of the similarities between BJJ and Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Magician
Woo! Everywhere is Woo!

Martial arts as theatre, theatre as martial arts – Meeting Scott P Philips
A new theory on the origins of Tai Chi

Wave Hands Like Clouds
A comparison of this popular Taiji sequence in the different styles of Taijiquan

Full contact Tai Chi. A painful lesson in reality.
What happens when a Tai Chi “master” takes on an MMA coach?


Kung Fu and XingYi:

Your Kung Fu demo doesn’t look like fighting, and I don’t care
Very rarely does a kung fu demo look like real fighting, but so what?

Spiralling the Shield Fist
A discussion of the similarities between Viking and Chinese martial arts


Martial arts

Ido Portal and the possibilities of Neijia
The ‘Master of Movement’ has a healthy respect for the ‘internal’ Chinese martial arts

The delusion of grace under pressure
Surprise! Fighting looks like…. fighting

King of swords – was the katana the ultimate weapon?
It might be time to rethink what we know about ancient swords

The problems with being a teacher
This is something I’ve seen happen a lot in martial arts

Jin in Chinese martial arts (and tennis)
A look at how you can bring the power of the ground to your hands


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